Tricks to Get 1999+ Likes in Facebook !!!!!!!

How to get facebook likes on your posts

How to use Facebook Autoliker


Now a days we can see the likes comment section of fb is passion of youngstrs which make them famous in social media

Personality as Ajmal khan ,Mr paddy all are the great examples of facebook personality

Here we gonna have some fake impression to make our attitude

Facebook autoliker

Step 1: Go to website

Step 2:Now minimize the djliker tab

Step 3:Now login to

Trick to get Liker in facebook

Step 4:Now go to setting tab in fb

Trick to get Liker in facebook

Step 5:Now click in followers tab

Step 6:Now you can see followers tab in public ,friends now select it as public

Step 7:Now go back to setting tab and click on privacy

Trick to get Liker in facebook

Step 8:Now make everything in public this will enable the djlikers user to likes on your post pics n status

Step 9:Now go to now there will be a page use djliker android app or continue with website

How to use Facebook Dj liker

Step 10: if you are using using android phone then download the app and open it

How to use Facebook Dj liker

Step 11:Now Click on click here to allow permission to application

How to use Facebook Dj liker

Step 12:Now login to your account which u want to get likes

Step 13:now  clickon here to copy the generated token

How to use Facebook Dj liker

 Step 14:Allow the app by clicking OK

How to use Facebook Dj liker

Step 15:Now u will get a url on the url box copy it and go to homepage of and paste your url

now enjoy likers

“Pokemon Go” Accident caused by this Game

Accident caused by Game “Pokemon Go”

Accidents caused by pokemon Go

Pokemon Go this game was released recently By Niantic .its rocking the online game world everyday there is increment in players its is awesome fantastic game But it can also be a reason to cause a accident

Accidents caused by pokemon Go

This game uses Your Phone camera & GPS n data the camera give it a real virtual look for a reality feeling and the GPS which shows our exact locations n the places to make it more accurate while walking The task is to walk around To find Pokémon to catch them into your poke ball

Its a very interesting game which make most of the fat or lazzy gamers to move out of your house and have walk to find Pokemon’s

But recently due to this game accident was caused due to the gamers fully concern in catching Pokémon they are not bother about there surroundings
Accidents caused by pokemon Go

Shayla Wiggins, a resident form Wyoming america .she was catching Pokemons Moving around n around of the beach ,but she found a death body floating in wind river She was shocked n she called the cops I know there is no relation between pokemon with that death body but see the next topic

Accidents caused by pokemon Go

Massachusetts where a major acident took place when A man suddenly stopped his car in the middle of the highway ya A 26 year old man Laymar Hickson is accused for caused one the worst highway accident when the reporters asked him the reason the reply ohh shit if u wanna catch them u should talk any risk so I braked my car when I seen a pickachu in the road n throwing poke ball .

So gamers don’t go too deep to his game be alert and play safely I think one day government will make a rule to play game wearing helmet see yaa readers stay tune!!!!!

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Once again I fallen in love (A true love story of a diploma engineering student) Live!!!!

Once again I fallen in love 

(A True love live story started form 7 july 2016 of a diploma engeering student) live updated 

Love story of Diploma student

First Page Content…..
Second Page Content…..
Third Page Content…..
I know its big livestory just read it with patience

True Love story

Its true livestory updating daily after the day about to be is uploaded

This is my live updating love story which started yesterday 8th july 2016 i update each an everything about my new love daily like a personal dairy soo…be live…
Lets see where it begins me 
Its was may 11 i was talking to one of my cousin sister she was saying about her crush its was 11:33 pm too..late as my mom and sis was gone to village..i was free to talk to her as my cousin sister was expressing her thoughts… 
I also thinked that i should also have a girl friend …too share my personal thoughts my wills…the girl who give me confidence..and all… she completed her conversation i said her i will too… Have a girl friend she replied who is she…i will search out her i replied her. And i thinked its too hard too find on facebook n all…n my collage girls full of attitude they need money n all….soo my hope was brokenn….
But my cousin sis replied a girls pic with her in my whatsapp her friend was too…beautifull but i know beauti needs money too.. 
And need a true love not a needy love…then i said her in your class is there any silent girl and a respectful girll…. Who should be form kerala… A decent girl a good girl i said she said serval names…but i dont focus on any name but there was one second third last name full of some feelings…her name
 i cant say but let it we asume her name as Aniya its was some thing special…i was match her and my name Ganez love aniya its awesome …then i stoped her…conversation and said the third last one…aniya…who is she….., 
She is quite gud girl of our class form kerala She is very active and she respect everyone ….she dont do any kind of bad behaviours like other do… Like bf and all… I got a interest on this girll….. I said my cousin sis….i like this girls…nature…can u contact me too…herr… we alll know all sister doooooo…..Ohhooo bhaiyaa…….kya huva…….aniya ka name se he pyaar hogaya…kya…. Ya i was not by her name but by her nature her Respectfull behaviours
And its was there school vacation time So she deliver proposal msg too…her….Soo…. I waited i lot For one months…for my dream girl…i was visualizting her in my mind….My sis said she is not soo…beautifull…..n all…i dont mined that alll because her nature was the only reason i was behind her
Then july 5 my sis was online in fb soo long time….i asked her do said my proposal request to her…..i know that she was forggotten about that matter…. Hmm but i was takng that soo seroiusly and she forrgeted it hmm…i was little …angry…but she said she…will…say it tommorow…in school okh…then she send her…pic too…me…i was gonne….mad after downloading that pic……i asked her is that she….aniya……ohhhhhhhh myyyyy god she was veryyyyyyyyy beautifulllllllllll….mannn……wow…i shouted on my sis you said she is not soo beautifull……..but really she was very very veryyyyyy beautifull i wounder this girl as my dream girl….perfect girl….my love….
Once again i got fallen in love madlyy……
As my sis gonna say about my proposal to her tommorow……i was too…exicted.  Like my smile was blushing out which alerted my mom and sis …that something is wrong with himm……as this smile appeared on my face…..longs aftr my dads dealth…because without him i have noo happiness in my life….but that day…i was madlly smiling….laughing..yoo…finally tommorow…my girl will know about…my love…yo.yo.yo…..she was my next reason of happines…she was only one…who can make me happyy….after my father..
Then 7 th june i walked up as we walk up we need config our body …for 3 mins…but this day i got up…. And was very happy i was going too my collage on time…first time…….i was too…happy…i got my bus i was sitting on windows seat i was looking outside my window imagining her…….see dreams with open eye….its awesome…i was looking like she talking too…me as i was looking in her eyes n thinking…god thanks a lot….you gived me a beautifull girl too…me…….soo loving soo….gud girl….her beauty made me feel like get out my bus and dance on the rain …with a background songs of arjun ( if u i goona get dance in the rain my love i know wont wash away because i wanna be the reason u smile…) 
He he funny…ri8 but really the person in love can feel my feeling .
One of my friend asked me y u are soo happy…today…i take him to the corner n said i meet my dream girl dude…he said where n when i said him…every thing…….
But this boy was always a confidence breaker…. He does the same he laughed on me…..and said tuje lagta he vo tuje yess bolegii..(do u think she will accept your proposal…) Shit then my happiness dimm out….i was worried about this thing if she not goona accept me then ….i should ri8 a another post Once again i breaked my heart by fallen in love……
I was then tens after that moment about her reply i kept my net data on n waiting for my sis msg… But she didnt replied….but after my collage…i was in my home not sleeping…just thinking about her…. If i dont get my dream girl then once again i m goona be a sad boy….i hate that…..n thinked about girls….soo lucky they are they can make boys mind n mood blow.. In wind…and they can even break it….. 
As my friend was alone in his home he called me to his home for a night out….i was in his home….little wooried about my mom n sis because they were alone. Because of theft problem… i lossed my hope n started sleeping….there was a bing sound of msgenger i looked my phone dashboard it was my sis saying hii… I also said her hiii…i cant asked her directly about aniya proposal reply it may feel like soo mean…so asked her how ru n all….then I got up n said n aniya what she said.
I was worried too…much of her reply and finnally a reply came i covered my phone screen n looked slowly moving my hands as she said…………yes..i said what she said yes…
She accepted me it was my a moment that i got my tears in my eyes thinking now there is fivth person in my life…who love me…..
I cant beleive her  i asked again n again it was true….she accept me…as i jumped up…n started sayinng shouting…….. . yoooooooooooooooooooooooo tommy singh… ……because perivous night i watched udta punjab…soo the movies hangover was not over in my mind….my friend wake up and said what happen broo…lottery laagi kya……i huged my friend tightly as i thinked i was giving a hug to my aniya….n said my friend teriiiiiiii bhabhi mill gayiii….reee……….he was confused n said me abbe phone ka flashlight baan karr aur puch chap sooja….. Sapnadeek ke kuch bhi bol raha he…..yo……but i was madlyyyyyy happy i was singing songs…tu joo mila tho hogaya mi kabhill tu joo milaa tho assa huvvi mansiil kyu kii tu hii dadakan aur merii dill…..
And i was looking up at ceiling thinking about her…. .
Next day 8 junly 2016 
I was happen that my sis give me a schedule of 2:45 pm to call aniya…i was exicted too hear my lifes sounds first timme…i was in my collge…feeling very happy…..n saying that boy that she aceept me ..the boy who broken my conficence was not beliving i showed him msg….to…
That day me and my friends plan to goo to….watch sultan in empress mall…. All was watching the movie …first time i was concentrating too… The movie …but my eyes on the screen but my mind and my heart was with her…i was dream about…her talking to her….i was dreaming about our marriage….and i finallized that this is only first girl who realized my love sooo….i know i will never make her sad never make feel hurt…..because i loveher…a lott……
After movie 12:58pm all my friends decising about sultan bhaijann..about his son wife…..about his over confidence….and all…but that time i realized i was not even concentrating about the name of characters of the film that how i was sinked in love with my aniya…i was waiting for…2:45 and this time i know i dont need any type. Of…alarm because my heart will rang its self….for her…and thenn…i came too home… mom said too.go to office because of some pf papers problems….i was ran back to get my collage bus because it go back return too our office….then i was waiting for…my bus under a tree.. I called her… 
I think she was in tution… I was feelling shy…. I was not able to talk to ..her ..openly because i realeized that her character was not talkative…asked her is it Aniya…she replied yaa..who ru… I said guess who i am…she said ganesh is it u…. Then really my sweet brother / sisters my reader i was hold a brach of tree…..tightly holded it …my heart was pumping faster thennn…ait would ………my tens geting more…feeling…too…..shy….i said where are u….she said tution…..  Really my mind was lke in heaven seeing her …..Walking togather too…the flower garden…..happily…
Then i said i want to…talk to u briefly…..when could i call u…she replyied..4:00 at 3:40 i was back to home there wasa lot of students in my house for tution by my mom n sis….i hated that because…that time my bedroom is full of them hall too…then i got just a option kitchen the i would have to sit at kitchen beacause there was girls….in my sis tution i dont wanna feel then unconfortable…by sitting behind or fornt of them….
So i was at kitchen i seen a miss call of aniya…ohh i retain call..her…and said her hiii…see said hii …then. A worst think happen was my battery seem 0% and pop up can your phone will be shut down in 15/secs…i was wooried i ran too hall saying the student side…n pluged my phone too…charger….and resume her call….hii…n i said i will say my intro too u … She said. Ya…say…i m ganez ezhava…form vapi…n alll student was strating at me….about my spells opps……. I can talk to her openly…because of the studnts…i generally asked her intro s. Introduced then… I was not able…too listing due to the wind because she was standing at terrace of her building…….  Hmm.. Then the call was cut due to tamara Kaatama balance ochu che je tamee ek vodafone customer hoo tho 111 danavini Voice mail matara panchotrr paisa ma moklii sake….shittt…my balance burn out….then i walked to near by store but…no one have bsnl recharge damm it…i ran 1 km madly in rain like krrish ran in movie..not like. Jummping ..just simply running..i recharge my phone with 50 ruppe…. Shopp kepper said he will do ut with 2 mins i got back to my building….i was wet…i know my mom will ask the reason soo i was siting on my bike and waiting for recharge….pop ups…but…its was late..out of my patcience..

I asked one kid playing at my parking…to get my mom mobile form my home..he bring then i called…her but unfortunetly
Her bro pick uped the call he said whos this ….i had experience in fake callings..i said in wild voice like a building contracter says…Jignesh bhai two poles are broken 54 sacks of cement is required her bro replied with kya (what) i said are u jignesh bhai he said no wrong number….i replyed sorry wrong number…..

I was afrraid that is there any problem in her home due to me do i had messed up everything….whats happen y his bro picked phone…i was confused then her msg arrived….hi sorry  my bro and mom was beside me during your call i said i understand…can i call u..she said ya…
Then i called her she was quite…. I was asked everything…..yaa i know it take time too be ….She simply answer my question and said he had nominated for vice head girl….. Of her school i was very proud of her…….that mi tho nahi baan paya but meri jaan tho baan sakti he…..I feeled that she is ranker girl  and i m average…boy…he he..chalta… and as she was not too talking like me….she simply answer the question like a hard rude husband do in house to his wife like khaana mi kya he…then wife reply bhendi ki saabji and rooti… Is this a life partners….just say questions answer he he…i dont like this type of familys….most of my friends…mom and dad are like this…..
But i understand aniya..first time in relation made her not talking too..much to me… she feeling shyy….

Then i m mad i saided do ky sister said anything about some msg…she said ya your proposal… And i said replied her i m goonna say that live i said dont yell on me….
And i said I love u aniya…  but she replied kya i cant her winding blowing soo…
Then once again i said  i wanna say some thing which made my lufe change by the secs mins hours days i meet u i love u aniya…. Damm once again the wind interput me….with a reply of her what….
I was gone crazyy about the wind interpting me…i was on my terrace… I looked her and there.. There was no one in terrace i jointed my hands and prayed to god god please slow the wind for 5 mins life matter gob plzzz….but my faith wind blowed more n more in my side too… Then isaid wind ne mere feelings ki puuri baand baajagii…re… Ab diyan se suun she replied okk i said i love u… I love u ..  I was feeling like mi ye keise ek girl kho bol diya itna darring…vaaa…she said hmm…. I was not happy with her hmm reply

I was sad n said her Buus ye he tera reply (is this your reply) she know i was sad she said in malyalam Yenika…ninne istammaa…( i love u….too….)
Yoo…that make some smilys….

And a Take after …she said she has too…goo to study…..because of her test tommorow of hindi….yaa i said…ok then i asked her…will u marry me…she replied kya pata (i dont know) That made me sad …i said i will marry evn if god will stop me…i will marry… But her reply was negative that i dont know about future…it made me said just for my happiness sake she could lie about maariage…she said she cant do any thing without her bro n mom yaa i understand her….i said see i will impress your brother mom too.. For marriage then she said lets she….i said your bro is a computer engineer and i m also intrested in that …..i have a website in (which now u are seeing my post)  he may impress by my website….as i was intrested in pcs…n all…n then she said bye… I too…said…her bye… u…i understand that her friend was there soo she couldnt say the same…. Then the call ended…..

And marriage topic hurted me…and i belived in long relation ship to marry her……because i loved her a lot then my family…now… Then next schedule was 1:40 i waited for …next day..

July 10 2016 sunday 

4th day of my relationship

I walked late…. Because of leave of my collage…today i decided to write this post to my website…  And while writing it was 1:40 pm she miss called me. Her call give me happiness.. And feel that there is some one inthis world for u now also….but called her…her phone was switch lets see its 2:22pm now i will update this post soon after the time…

July 11 Monday 2016 

Day 5 of my relationship with aniya (Live)

Today i wolked i was very exicted for today because to i was gonna make confrence call with aniya and my cousin sis with me soo that my cousin would make my image more better in fornt of her and she might be impressed and will trust me more its was 3:00pm my cousin sis time to call i was too exicted that i was confused about the timing she gaved that she said to call after 3:00pm does it mean to call her after completed clock 3 or starting of 3oclock then finally i called here and then i cant be soo mean that to ask about aniya directly without asking about my sis soo…i asked her how r u & all that criteria then she was saying about her bf i was waiting for her  speech then i said her that i m making a confrence call soo mera tariif karna… He he…its common ri8 then i called her but no answer i tryed again but she was not picking phone i thinked that today is sunday may be her bro and mom reason she is not then i called my sis and saided to call her i doesnt have credit in phone she replied hoo shit it was a bad reply but she is my sis i will not by the reason of aniya but as a brother i would filfil my sis wish yaa…then i recharge her phone account then she called her but my faith she was not picking her phone……
As my plan was canceled then i had a long talk with my sis About 1 hours she was in garden with her friends who was busy with there bfs….hmm yaaa i was sad very very much because today i havent had a talk with her and today i realized how madly i was fallen in love with her…i never noticed lyrics of any song but i was noticing know each and every lines and its feeling of bol do na zara song form azhar the line( deeka jabse he millne tuje mi tho hafthp se soya nahi) wow what a lines amal malik

Day 5 of my relationship july 11 2016

Today as usual my day begin with her name thinking about her what she is doing ri8 now is she is also thinking about me is she is seroius in this relation question rising in my head ?? Hmm i was in collage i was sing song nodding my friend and visualizing my friend as aniya saying “batein ye kabhi na tu bulana khohi tere khatiir he jii raha ” & Tum mile tho milgayi he ye jaaha”
My friends was lookin at me asking what happen dude…. I said nothing….uhhi singing…

He he ….till waiting for 2:45 her tution time but i dont like that time because all her friends nods her saying whooo is ganezzzzz bffff soo i decided to call her at 4:45 i i was sleeping and will my one mys student arived to yaa i talk tution i hadnt said too u all I was taking clases of information technology tution of 11 commerce and science  i was loking at my student book then after few mins i called her but no answer again …then i called her again the same taamme jo vekti ne sampak sadvama ma mangoo cho tee amda call nii uuchke che….naaa….. Then 4:56 pm i called her again ….na she was not picking my call i was feeling too hurty rising question in my head do she left me or she think i m not better hmm……then a call came ringing my fav somg i thinked it was her but it was bloody idea customer service call but it break me more ….. Call centre msg also made me too excited feeling like her sms but naa it was them….

Finally my students were in doubt that by changing of my behaviour my sadness…hmm…while iwas teaching sms ariived ….tinggg….i ran towards my phone but ohhhhh shit you idea valas …i shouted and dailed 198 saying aj bata hu….
But my mom stop me….rahne…dee…

I was too said my song mode was change to awargi. Se lee jaa muje of Love game
I was tooo…sad first time my tears…came in my eyes for a girl…shit…the reason who gave me happiness is giving me now sadnes…shit…….hmm …dayz end with feeling do she left decided to reject me…shit…yr…lets see about tommorow…

I will updated tommorow after the day…

July 12 monday
Day 6 of my relationship

Ohh yo i walked up and as i was thinking about her…each n every second i was not even concentrating in brushing teeth ….just thinking is she is feeling the same that i m been through…… My brain had stoped all my happiness moment seen and i started visualizing Now i m alone and she will never call me back everything was over ……
I was thinking to quit my story in my website writing finally once again a girl broken my heart …..i was feeling too alone thinking kuch boole biina he chali gayi…muje pyaar ka ummid deke….
My sir started the lecture i was concentrating on lecture i was sing song…..looking blackboard “Dunda ta thaa ek paal mi dil jisee ye suoo dafa ” Na rasta na kuch pata ab mi dundu usko kaha…main dunda ne mi zaamne mi wafa nikala….this was true line…matching with me….totally broken heart…… At break time i decided to flush this all matter out my head …. Slowly i thinked to delete pics  then i cant so i hide it in audio manager……then i was feeling okkhh…my heart beats was slow down to normal……sooo….it was 8:40pm i recived msg form my sis look it

My true love story
She said me to call aniya sorry readers i blured her name i did this for her privacy….it too late i read that msg it was 9:12 when i seen it i jumped form bed ran outside my house then reached at parking…side of our building then i called her…. But
she wasnt picking…up…i just want to her voice again but…..she didnt pick up the call
And 2 mins later i seen i msg poped up in my phone
My true love story
She text me “Sorry I was at home “

Then at 11:00 oclock my sis came online….in fb she text me this see this screen shot

My true love story
My true love story
My true love story

Ohhh shit …..yrr she was not able to reply me because she was fallen form stairs while thinking about me as my sis said tears again merge in my eyes she was thinking about me and fell down ……she is my jaan i was paining her injure pains i replied my sis muje usse baat karnii h. Pllzzz plzzzz plzzzz meri baat kar vaa…yrr….i will do anything plzzz i was wodering she fell down while thinking about me in stair she is also thinking about…me yaa…she is she is loving me yyaaa..she love me yo ……yo…….i was feeling sooo…exicited as she was also thinking about…but she got hurted ……i should nt have much excitments….i was worrying like a family husband worry for here injured wife…….i was depended on her now… My mood is upon her my days was upon her …all her…

Hooo god her believed me that she hadnt left ne she is still there for me yoo my mood was changed feeling happy i came back to home and sat on my bed thinking about her …her sweet eyes her beautiful appereance …..n i said too myself “shaddhi karunga tho sirf tujse hee” (if i will marry then i marry u only)
Thinking…about i meeting her for first time
I planed to visit her city bunking my collage on 20 july 2016 then i was thinking how to meet her ? Should i travel in train or bike train will be cheap n bike will cost me above 400 rupee hmm….ya as we all know no girl would like to se her bf coming to meet her for first time in riskshaw…na its bad impression for me so i decided to travel through bike of my best bro kiran with anoz

July 14 ,2016 

Nothing left in my life(Turning point) True love story

As i was in collage with my bros nikesh anoz kiran divyesh , kelvin , in canteen i was thinking about the money cost for trip to her city…..
Only one option for that was form my students tution fees….
Then second lecture every class mates was divided so i was with anoz n kiran i explained them about the trip and Uprised my chest n said i will sponser this trip he he….but i know kiran n anoz is very opened hearted bros of mine they will not goonna allow indivually sponser this trip they will equally sponser it…..

Then i was in bus at 2:30 as 2:45 knocked at my watch i picked my phone n called her as in a hope that she will pick my call ….but naa… She didnt hmm….shaaaa ….
Shiting at the first seat of my bus i was thinking about aniya is she is just taking this relation litely or she is cheating me????? Hmm i waited for 4:00 clock….shit again no….. Tears in my eyes i was sitting in kitchen my eye filled with a moment in my body the tears falled what she is thinking i am soo badly hurted her and she isnt just msging me.. My mom camed at kitechen i wiped my tears and doing acting saying my mom aree where is my pendrive i kept her ” without making eye contact with her….
At 5:54 i was bathing…..i heared my phone msg notification rings ringing trices time i wondered it was aniyas msg i didnt wiped myself and weared a towel n ran towards my phone which was pluged to a charger then i unlock my phone and open msg box its was the bsnl offer msg ohh my hope…… Shit shit shit….i hated this customer care service now… My mom said for whose msg u were waiting…. I said na i was looking for any mails i recived in my website
But na…
Night 9:45 i was sitting in a bike at my building parkings area with my friend kanadasan saying him i miss her yr…….now i think i cant live with her mre haar ek dil ki dadkan uske liye dadak rahi he…buus uske liye mi jii raha hu…..
He consult me that aniya may be busy so that she is not your calls…or her bro would be there with her….
Hmm its gud ni8

Day 8 of my relationship life with aniya
July 14 thrusday 2016

I walked up i reached at collage ….our all friends was planning… About shubham birthday which was tommorow ..about buying cake and all…
I know tommorow was going to be a amazing party….in daman jampore beach as our….official party location….

2:47 pm
I call aniya…the ring ranged but she rejected my call…i guess may her bro with her.soo..she rejected my call hmm i waited for 4:00 pm i called her but she rejected my call……

5:00pm my all 11sci batch students camed to my home for there information technology(information practise) tution . i was teaching them about java netbeans programs…..
Giving them lecture about the big IT compamy like Facebook ,google
There per/day earning how much money
Describing about website
And about my website
In which i m updating about my love story live
He he…
I forget to say by this story/article in my website i got my comments in collage all boys saying mi bhai call aya kya aniya kya..(aniya had called u??)
Is it a true story….yaa i it is…a true story…

I was giving lecture about netbeans calcultor progam then i said them to do a example of this program in your lappy they bring my clases too…

Then i thought i would call her then i called her again but she rejected my call….there is something wrong i called her again again again n again…she was rejecting my call….there was some think wrong
I got a text in my phone…

Once again i broked my heart her reply was i dont want to talk with u…n Dont want this relation
My body was lossed as i was unconcisous i got seated in my bed towards my white board ….tears again filled in my eyes…like a sea fills to to shore
Bro bro bro…one of my student shouted..
Haa i replied he said what happen is everything okhh my voice was giglling i cant say anything because i can be caughted by crying….so signaled them by my 2 fingers…. For.2 mins i went to my bed room wiping my tears… Saying myself its okhh bro its okhh…i think the msg was texted by her bro….
I got back to student continued by lecture….my mood my again giggling n thinking about the msg

I requested my students saying sorry guys today my mood is little crash plzz i will continue this topic tommorow they agrred me ….they left my room

I felt to my bed puting the pillow over my head biting the bed cussions …. Crying….saying noooooooooooooooo my mom was in kitchen ….
But i hadnt wooried about it i was madly crying….bitting my cussions…. My face was wet by my tears … heart beat was rising again trices a time i was feeling like now there is no reason to live this life…. Noooo noooo noooo yrr aniya…please god plzz help me i was crying n saying…this…bitting my cussion my condition was very bad my face was wet n dull my mom could easily notice me…but i cover my self n faced my face saying my mom aj muje bohoot nind araha he…muje aj khana nahi chaiye….soo dont wait for me…. My mom asked reason why why. I didnt replied her acting that i was sleeping…i covered me with blanket….thinking about the june 7 the day when she accept me…the feeling the happiness she gaved me… Every thing was vanished tears was falling form eyes as river water cross a costal
I was wipping my endless tears thinking the reason y she.did this too me y…gived me happiness n take it away too..i loved her n she if she did then how could she left me…. She didnt loved me just doing time pass with me…ohhhhhhjhhh
God why you do this to me….giving a girl who acted as she loves me…n making me fell in her endless love…. Making her my love reason ….making my days….n taking it offf…y god y u do this too me….are u playing with me…god had i did anything wrong with u god….
U taked my dad form me then now……aniya…..
Yyy god i said crying…in my blanket it was night 3:00am i was not feeling sleepy i picked my phone n looked that msg again
Again i was lossing my hold on my feelings..but cant control i was crying like a girl……. Saying she left me ….
It was 6:00am i was sitting on my bed taking support form wall my head was leaning…..
Thinking the way she left me…….
A song lyrics mention “rang thee nuur tha taab kariib tu thii buus likke chood da gayi ye muje yaha ” form hamri adhuri kahani i feeled a moment that now i will be no more….i will do suicide she should know what she did to me…… And no girl should cheat again a guy……..she should know about my feeling….i walked towards kitchen i turn on my phone flash light wiping my tears I walked towards my bed n decide to end everything now i dont want to live this life sorry god everyone …..i thinked to update my article on this website that moment but i can handle it again while writing about the day….
So i turned off my data conection i will do suicide i decided this world, i was thinking about everyone my friends Kiran anoz nikesh ravindra jitu kelvin vimal i love u friends specially kiran anoz nikesh ravi jitu love u bro srry for this i m leaving everyone…bye…i thinked by this reason i can see my dad again in the heaven my tears was not stoping thinking about my leaving this world of cheaters

My life the most important decision because we dont know what happen after our death where i will go what will happn to me….is her any heaven n hell existences…turning my flash light on i walked towards my dads photo which was near to my table ……i was imagining my dad i closed my eyes and imagining my dad shouted on mee u r fool a big fool i replied him what happen dad he replied me you are stupid fellow… cant be my son soo care less fellow u doing this for a girl who came in your life for 7 days u r dieing for her….do u thinked about your sis your mom who are with u for 18 years for your each n every feeling with your emotion after My Death yours wish was fulfiled by your sis n you without thinking about them u are deciding to do this….i m feeling shame for u my boy shiii for any strange girl who faked a love relation with u…for that u are going to…die….shiiii my boy shiiii think about your mom and sis they lived with u for 18 years without hurting u fulfilling ur wish making u happy ….be happie with this reason u dont need any girl in your life

You have a mom n sis who loves u without seeing your money diginity face & attitude this is the true love my boy which you are search for by any strange girl .Your mom n sis loves you truly  my boy not the strange does the same….they love your money your face not your self leave this all flush out every thing live this life my boy i left this world in believe that u will take care of your mom n sis ..boy soo live this life there is a lot of think to achieve….in this world many position are waiting for goo n leave your life….
Hmm….i replied i will dad crying and replying my dad i want to see u dad plzz i want to see u hug u….dad please come dad my dad replied i am every where with u…take care of your mom n sis never hurt them…..

Alarm was ringing i  opened my eye wiped my eyes….returned to my bed it was 6:00 i flushed my suicde feelings …i rised my chest i will this live  life deiciding i dont want any girl or a fake love to be a reason of my life its was time to walk up and bath

Next day
15 july 2016

its was my friend  shubham  koli birthday Best part was i was bunking my clases and i feel this party can help me too forget about aniya ………….  We were at daman enjoying party with soft drink and snacks . Whil my friends was on the location and adjusting the place for next lunch ,
i was sitting at the beach thinking about aniya why she did this to me……again i was lossing my faith Litely it was raining there was a Kingfishr bear bottle i tooked a page i writed in it about my feeling about aniya about she left me and at last i written i will be always there for u ……
i will be waiting for msg for my whole life …………..
sorry if i hurted u by writing this article i m very sorry …..
i put that page in the bottle then i walked the sea it was raining my friends askd m whre i m going i replied just to watch the fisher mans … i walked toward the sea i was crying the best thing about the rain was no can reconize me crying………i ran toward the sea like a dranken man shouting i love u aniya   ……. kyu esssa ki tu mere saath kyu tuje ye saagar ke gahar raai se bhi jada pyr kiya aur tu tho buus muje ye gaharaii mee akele chood gayiii i fallen down i was beating the sand shouting noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo     godd no i throwed the bottle to the sea byeeeeee aniya byeeeeeeee

i return back to my friends they asked m kya bhai baarish mi dance karr raha tha kya ……
that time my mood was not soo….concern in that joke

party was over ………….

i came back to home

16  july 2016
my sis msg me saying Aniya leavd u because you were distrubing her my reaction was like fu******
its not true i replied her that aniya will undrstand my feeling when some will broke his brother heart
she is a lier …….i dont want her …..

today i decided to write n complete this story

Girls plzz never ever accept us for your time pass  u dont know what happen after you left us you will know when u will be a mom and any girl will break your sons heart 

Best Six packs & Chest exercise striching for begineers

Best Six packs &Chest exercise striching for boys/girls

This exercise is best for students Youngster get relief form stress lazzy ness

Do this exercise early morning

1.Best streching exercise for making your packs warming up with a good start for a dibs 
2. Tight striching for below packs part legs for a unstress full movement for leg muscles
3.Another basis for the legs mucles showing the red part is main muscles
4. This is best striching for students and office Peoples because of muscle crabs in back muscles join witu ribs 
5. Inner leg muscle between bottom streching best for dancer and runners or sports people
6. Buterfly streching exercise for bottom Muscle 

7. Warm up for bottom muscles and leg muscles
8. Chest warm up with little streching on elbow muscles and hand parts 
9. Simple warm up but a use full streching with a lot of muscles warming 
10. Leg streching warm up
11.Neck warm up with more pain

12.Packs strechings with bumps Strechings
13.elbow Chest rotating streching Warm ups 
14. This is best for height growth too…
15. Backs muscle for chest shapes and streching
Share it with your friends and comment it….