Trick: Get Reliance Jio 4G Sim for All 3G/4G Android Phones

Reliance Jio 4G Is Rocking With Its Promotional sale

Relaince Jio Sim is Free of cost You can buy it from any nearby reliance Jio centre By showing the Bar code

Now i will show step to Get Jio4G sim with any Android 3G/4G Phones

Step 1:Download Myjio app From playstore

Step 2: Now Open Myjio app and download all the apps Shown ,For Samsung User they dont need to download all the 11 apps Which is seen when you open the myjio app

Step 3:After Download All apps Now close all The installed app and Myjio app

Step 4:Now Turn off your internet data and wifi and open Myjio app And click on Myjio open it

Step 5:Now Be speedy and fast Now Turn on your data Now When your data get connect speedly click On Get sim Card Be fast

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Now Click Next and Set Your Location And at Finally You will get A bar Code Take its Screenshot
&Now go to your neartest Jio store and submit The bar code xerox with 2nos Photo and two Identity Card xeroxs Eg.Adhar card Or Election Card Or Ration Card

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How to make your own Home audio recording studio for rec your own song

Hii guys Its Ganez ezhava from Today I am gonna Show and give you some perfect tips for making your own audio recording studio at home

Now a days we can see our indian kids also have capability to sing and compose there own song

If you think only Rich people can setup this studio or make there own song then you are j k “k where there is a will then difinetly there is a way”

So Lets Start with the setup part

Point 1-Main part of a Audio recording studio is mic

>There are two type of mics
1.Dynamic mic
2.Condenser mic

Dynamic mic is that mic which we had seen in school ,collages ,n that political party annoucments its daiphram is small and dont give the natural

Condenser mic is the mic which is used in audio recording studios it has a large daiphram which captures the Natural Sound

Pop filter it a round shape net type equipment which is placed in front of mic to low the hard air flow form our mouth to the mic to avoid the distruction of mic diapram

Equipments Needed-
1.Condenser mic
2.Mic stand
3.Audio interface
5.A Computer
6.Pop filter
7.Adobe Audition for Audio mixing editing &mastering

A condenser is most important
Home Audio recording studio
Cost =1850 best price and quality is also best for home studios

But we also have A studio set

Home audio recording Studio

Its costly and for 17,303 it doesnt even have pop filter

Equipment needed for Making Home audio recording studio
This is Audio interface its needed for Give a phantom power to mic to give a better output

Audio sound editing software
Adobe Audition Its audio editing software which is even used by hollywood raper and singers uts used to mix tune mastering

Equipment needed for Making Home audio recording studio
Paino it also important part The tunes you made to play it on pc and composing music n background tune

Books for audio editing
This are the best book the first &third i recommend u… For the learn knowledge of mastering n mixing your tune

Equipment needed for Making Home audio recording studio
Micc Handle bars its also little cheap .

Equipment needed for Making Home audio recording studio
This is the combo purchase the middle one is pop filter

Equipment needed for Making Home audio recording studio
This the last low cost audio interface i found in i recommend you to buy form nearby shop or a Second hand Audio interface form Olx

Soo this are the equipments we need for our home audio recording studio

If you have any query just comment below the next moments i will give you a better solutions

Trick to Get Instagram 2k+ follower by autofollower in android phone

Get Instagram 2k+ free Follower

Hii Guys We all know this the trending time running for a Crores of Crazyness in social media About the Likes ,comments ,Follower and the fames In results by that There are Big examples like Ajmal khan ,Its your boy aditiya This fb and insta user are too Famous in the social media….

Now lets know the First Step to get fame is about your Likes , Followers ,Comment in all of your posts

We know that At first time its hard too get 200+ likes in facebook

And About instagram its too….Hard to get even 200+ followers

Hmm…no no Now i will show a start up promotion for you by getting Original 2k+ followers On Instagram

Instagram autofollower to increase Followers
Get more instagram followers

Hacks for increase instagram followrrs

Main step: Open your Instagram
Go to settings and then at Account There is a option of Private account now switch it off

How to get instagram autofollower

Step 1:Visit website

Instagram autofollower,autoliker

Step 2:Now it will show like above images Just wait for 10 secs and it will visit to the site

Instagram autoliker ,Autofollower

Step 3: it will redirect to hublaa Fb liker now just scroll now at the end of page

Step 4: At the end of page you can see hublaa instagram Click there

Same it will show checking your browser For accesing after 5 secs it will load the website

Instagram autoliker ,Autofollower

Important point:it may show ads of just skip it one or two time then it will return to website
Its done for website Revenue reason

Instagram autoliker ,Autofollower

Step 5: Now you are sucessfully visited the website now scroll down

Step 6: You can see A login Form put your username & password in that form

How to get Instagram autoliker ,Autofollower
How to get Instagram autoliker ,Autofollower

Step 7: It will show a Code captaca Solve it

After sumiting that Captaca code the main page will load like below image

How to get Instagram autoliker ,Autofollower

How to get Instagram autoliker ,Autofollower

>Now click On autofollower and At next page click submit its all done now check your followers

If you Face any type of problem just comment below i will reply with your fullfil solution by the next seconds

Unblock & use blocked website in School &collages

Steps to Unblock websites by sonic wall in school &collages by hotspot shield

Hii  Friends once again im back with a trick to use Block websites in school & collages
I will show steps to sort out the problem which i faced in my collage 
All social media &entertainment sites were blocked specially Facebook i used there
So here we begin with with ssteps 
The Computer you want to unblock  the site should have Google chrome Browser
Step 1=Open Google chrome Browser in That computer 
Step 2=Now In url box Google chrome store Or Click here.
Chrome store

Step 3=Google chrome Store Search Hotspot Shield. 
Trick to use blocked websites
Step 4=Now click to add to chrome

Use blocked websites By hotspot shield
>Its of 124Kb will downloaded easily n fast.
Step 5= Now after There Will be a popup now allow it 
Step 6=Now Hotspot shield is sucessfully installed in your chrome 
Step 7=you can see A shield opposite to the menu added or look at the ending of the tab close button
Step 8=Now click on the Shield Turn it On and Below down There is a option for Start trail version click on it 
Use blocked websites
Step 9=It will ask your gmail id & password Fill it .
Step 10=Final step Now again click on Shield again and click on earth Icon with after the Virtual location Now there Is diffrent country option Select any one alternate to india and Now all set.

Any doubts comment down always love to help u

How unblock blocked websites in school &collages
Now you can access any websites on this Pc
Its Trick was to simply change Location so that it cant block the blocked websites By diffrent url