“Pokemon Go” Accident caused by this Game

Accident caused by Game “Pokemon Go”

Accidents caused by pokemon Go

Pokemon Go this game was released recently By Niantic .its rocking the online game world everyday there is increment in players its is awesome fantastic game But it can also be a reason to cause a accident

Accidents caused by pokemon Go

This game uses Your Phone camera & GPS n data the camera give it a real virtual look for a reality feeling and the GPS which shows our exact locations n the places to make it more accurate while walking The task is to walk around To find Pokémon to catch them into your poke ball

Its a very interesting game which make most of the fat or lazzy gamers to move out of your house and have walk to find Pokemon’s

But recently due to this game accident was caused due to the gamers fully concern in catching Pokémon they are not bother about there surroundings
Accidents caused by pokemon Go

Shayla Wiggins, a resident form Wyoming america .she was catching Pokemons Moving around n around of the beach ,but she found a death body floating in wind river She was shocked n she called the cops I know there is no relation between pokemon with that death body but see the next topic

Accidents caused by pokemon Go

Massachusetts where a major acident took place when A man suddenly stopped his car in the middle of the highway ya A 26 year old man Laymar Hickson is accused for caused one the worst highway accident when the reporters asked him the reason the reply ohh shit if u wanna catch them u should talk any risk so I braked my car when I seen a pickachu in the road n throwing poke ball .

So gamers don’t go too deep to his game be alert and play safely I think one day government will make a rule to play game wearing helmet see yaa readers stay tune!!!!!

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